A Commercial license is what allows a pilot to fly for compensation. Do not let the title confuse you with the Airline Transport Pilot(ATP) certificate required to fly for a major airline. The ATP license requires more flight experience, however, having the commercial license means you can start getting paid to fly as you build up flight time. Commercial flight training can be done in a single engine aircraft or a multi engine aircraft.  A student will have to complete an FAA written knowledge exam, complete certain flight requirements with a certified flight instructor, and pass a checkride with an FAA examiner. Prices vary from flight school to flight school and a student's abilities, but typically a commercial license will cost anywhere from $15,000-$24,000 on top of a Private License and Instrument Rating.

Commercial Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • Hold Private Pilot Certificate
  • 250 Hours Total Flight Time
    • 100 Hours flight time in powered aircraft, 50 hours of that in an Airplane
    • 100 Hours as Pilot in Command(PIC)
      • 50 hours Airplane
      • 50 hours Cross Country
    • 2+ Hour Day Cross Country flight
    • 2+ Hour Night Cross Country Flight
    • 3 Hours with Instructor in Preparation for checkride